With a couple of master tracks laid down now (including a nifty little loop, yesterday, BTW), I’ve decided the time has come to work out some ideas involving live layers of guitars, synths and assorted madness. Looking forward to that and the best of all: got lotsa free days coming up, with the Easter weekend and all. Getting there, getting there, getting there – huzzah!

And man, do I joyfully send out a major YAY to the blessing in disguise that the malfunctioning central heating has brought me! Coz’ now I’m confined to the house to wait for the repairmen, who have promised to show up ‘somewhere between 8 AM and 5 PM’. Which means I can’t go to that shitty job of mine today.

I say w00t and am pretty sure I’ll get through this ordeal. After all, studio time is Quality Time, and banging them strings and synths will surely keep me nice and warm.