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Still haven’t deleted Red Fences Suck, like I did with the other thingies over the past months. This one just might survive! I listened to it a lot today, while I was preparing for my holiday week at work (cleaning up the desk and looking busy in general), and even forced a few co-workers to listen as well. And they liked it! w00t!

I’m gonna let the tune rest for a while, but when my brother S. gets in da flow again I will try to entice him to add a redhot sizzling lead guitar ‘coz that might spice it up real good! Phor! You can quote me on that!

Funny thing is, finishing that tune seems to have set me free. Spent the best part of the evening working on yet another one, based on a somewhat weird riddim one of my MySpace friends offers for download on her site. The general idea being that everyone downloads it, adds their own stuff and sends the whole lot back to them as an mp3 which they, in turn, will publish on the internetz!

I really like that concept. We should all be sending tunes around to friends and ask them to have their way with them. So if you wanna have a go at this one: go check this place out!


Well, dear friends and Romans and countrymen, it seems like the time has come to share some noise with ya yet again. Yarrrr! Recorded more or less live in the Coolsounds & Magick Studios: the sequel of the very first and very rough draft I presented earlier. It’s a somewhat acoustic little thingie. Sort of. I mean: I really did use the acoustic guitar for the lead. You gotta believe me.

It’s called Red Fences Suck and you can find the video here.

Yes, people, I’ve been thinking. It’s an old habit I just can’t seem to ditch – must be the age. My parents also got more stubborn as they got older. Ah well. Such is life and it gets sucher everyday. Gotta have to live with it.

Anyway: my thoughts were revolving around the impression that SL music is for the greater part an acoustic thingie, with people strumming the guitar and singing along with it. And don’t get me wrong: some of them are actually quite good at it and the Metaverse residents love them. So no problems there and more power to them, I say.

It’s just that I am more bent towards the electrickerised stuff – a far less popular variety of the noble art of music. So the question is: should I join the ratrace of popularity and try to haul in the gigs? I really don’t like ratraces, you know. There’s enough of that going around in the daytime without having to look for it in my (precious) spare time as well.

So my thought of this morning was: why not use the beach for my jams? It’s a lovely place, and someone might just happen to visit when I’m doing my thing there. Yarr! Maybe even call in some friends! Apart from that, I seem to be in a never-ending rehearsal mindset, some sort of an ongoing mission to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations. Seems like I got them cozmic blues again, mama!

Basically, playing instruments and creating songs, to me, is primarily a very enjoyable thing to do (to say the least). And I really wanna try and keep it that way.

Good thing my little Spring holiday is coming up! I can surely use that ocean of freedom hours to get acquainted with the bass guitar I recently acquired (a cloned Music Man) and lay down some hawt basslines, here and there.

Damn good coffee. Sizzling hot. Just the way I like it. Now all I need is an excuse to get outta here, and go home. Awefices suck, and the’re even suckier on Fridays. Good thing no-one ever reads here, least of all Mr. Bossman. He sucks as well, BTW. All mean people do.

At home, I’ve got Important Things to do, like unroughing and uncrapping tunes that are floating around in my head. And record them so I can hear yet more stuff in them to be uncrapped and unroughed. And then record them again.

‘Coz recording is a good thing! It’s a bit like playing live in front of an audience: it does take some getting used to, starting off knowing there’s no way back, if you know what I mean. And apart from being a good rehearsal, it’s also big fun. Fun means feeling good, and feeling good is what it’s all about.

Like I said: I wanna go home.

It’s like a river, basically. No hurries whatsoever and sure we’ll get there on the right moment. Been hearing flowing and soothing sounds in my head all day today – time to go home and get up there, amidst the keyboards and strings and stompboxes! Yarrrr! Might even try to ease an acoustic guitar in while I’m at it – somehow I’ve got the feeling that it would sound just fine on a bed of long chords from the heavily distorted Godin.

Gonna put a stage in the Green House tonight. My sister S. had a point when she said, last night, that the fog machines in there create a very pretty effect but at the same time make it somewhat hard for the people to see what’s happening.

Also, I’m thinking Sunday afternoon might be a nice day for streaming. Ommmmmm-shanti!

Not bad for a first run. Not bad at all. Got me three tracks nailed, including a real live drummer! That’s to say, of course, the recording of a real live drummer. But recorded as he may be, yes, dead even (may he rest in peace), he still beats the shit outta synthetic drums! At least on this particular tune – a rendition of the song all guitar players seem to have mastered at one stage of their ongoing mission.

Needless to say, John Denver played it as well, in his incarnation as Leadbelly. Apart form that, my lips are sealed. You will hear it soon enough, as we have plans to hit the Grid again in a week, us Born Again Pagans. This time in secret, with no spamming at all. Except here, of course. Ha!

I did change the lyrics a bit, though. But I’m sure John (may he walk forever amongst 99 sweet virgins and eat grapes from their laps) will not mind. And man, is it fun to play around with that many tracks in one single tune!

I’ve been thinking: since doing the live thing involves dividing my attention between what happens in the Metaverse (more specifically: in the audience) and the actual playing of instruments, it means I gotta try and play not too many instruments live at the same time. Foolish me, for not keeping something that obvious in mind, while preparing for the fist gig!

Ah wel. We learn something new every day, and in this case it simply means that my recording contraption will start playing a bigger role in the Pagan stuff. The challenge of it all being to keep the music from becoming stale and boringly predictable, which prerecorded tracks have a tendency of turning into.

So to cut a long story short: interesting times lay ahead of us! w00t! Now all I have to do is figure out a way to be able to spend 16 hours a day in the studio!

Well, that was one helluva plunge in the deep! It started with a major Grid disaster that forced us to start an hour later than planned, and then there’s this huge difference between merrily strumming and singing away in the warmth and comfort of the Coolsounds & Magick Studios and going live before an audience. Woohoo! Keeping an eye on the screen, worrying about a stream that might bork up – that’s really distracting, to say the least.

But we had fun, the audience liked what they heard and that feels good! So from now on, there’s gonna be a lot more live performing in the Green House! And, hopefully, elsewhere in the Metaverse as as well.

Oh, and the pics will follow later, don’t worry.

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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