A new viewer, that offers the most exquisite visual experience. And new server technotrickery as well, that promises less crashes and maybe even a little more speed (i.e. reduce the lag). One can imagine that the Grid might need some time to settle again, after this huge influx of newness. I wouldn’t be surprised if that takes a few days – after all, it is a huge Grid.

With the Saturday coming nearer as we speak, that is a truly exciting perspective. Might be trying to whip up a refreshingly distorted version of ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ this evening and call it ‘House Of The Vanished Inventory’ or something.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are merrily strumming strings, hammering keyboards on synths and polishing Cubase tracks. And smiling about the fact that a sequencer, not bigger than a VHS tape and supposedly easy to operate, needs 209 pages of manual.

It’s probably a cozmic Zen thingie.