Due to mysterious reasons (though I do suspect the infamous Linden Gremlins to have something to do with it), recording a fireworks display still proves to be somewhat of a challenge. So I made me some rotating stagelights, just in case, and Mr. Schort Achterbahn has graciously provided me with a particle generator. A major w00t goes out to him! We might even be so lucky to crash the sim tomorrow with all this scripted splendour!

Major w00ts to brother Silas as well, btw, for being so kind to announce my plunge in the deep on his blog. I’d better get the champagne dispenser machine ready this evening, ‘coz a few bottles will probably not be enough to quench the thirst of all the people that might show up. Apart from that, we’d rather have them throw glasses at us than bottles, when worst comes to pass and we totally goof up.

Not much reason to fear for the latter, though, if the rehearsals in the Coolsounds & Magick Studios are any indication. Looking forward to both the quality time in the studio tonight and to the gig itself. As you can see on the above pic, the stage gear is already set! Yarrr!