Not bad for a first run. Not bad at all. Got me three tracks nailed, including a real live drummer! That’s to say, of course, the recording of a real live drummer. But recorded as he may be, yes, dead even (may he rest in peace), he still beats the shit outta synthetic drums! At least on this particular tune – a rendition of the song all guitar players seem to have mastered at one stage of their ongoing mission.

Needless to say, John Denver played it as well, in his incarnation as Leadbelly. Apart form that, my lips are sealed. You will hear it soon enough, as we have plans to hit the Grid again in a week, us Born Again Pagans. This time in secret, with no spamming at all. Except here, of course. Ha!

I did change the lyrics a bit, though. But I’m sure John (may he walk forever amongst 99 sweet virgins and eat grapes from their laps) will not mind. And man, is it fun to play around with that many tracks in one single tune!