Damn good coffee. Sizzling hot. Just the way I like it. Now all I need is an excuse to get outta here, and go home. Awefices suck, and the’re even suckier on Fridays. Good thing no-one ever reads here, least of all Mr. Bossman. He sucks as well, BTW. All mean people do.

At home, I’ve got Important Things to do, like unroughing and uncrapping tunes that are floating around in my head. And record them so I can hear yet more stuff in them to be uncrapped and unroughed. And then record them again.

‘Coz recording is a good thing! It’s a bit like playing live in front of an audience: it does take some getting used to, starting off knowing there’s no way back, if you know what I mean. And apart from being a good rehearsal, it’s also big fun. Fun means feeling good, and feeling good is what it’s all about.

Like I said: I wanna go home.