Yes, people, I’ve been thinking. It’s an old habit I just can’t seem to ditch – must be the age. My parents also got more stubborn as they got older. Ah well. Such is life and it gets sucher everyday. Gotta have to live with it.

Anyway: my thoughts were revolving around the impression that SL music is for the greater part an acoustic thingie, with people strumming the guitar and singing along with it. And don’t get me wrong: some of them are actually quite good at it and the Metaverse residents love them. So no problems there and more power to them, I say.

It’s just that I am more bent towards the electrickerised stuff – a far less popular variety of the noble art of music. So the question is: should I join the ratrace of popularity and try to haul in the gigs? I really don’t like ratraces, you know. There’s enough of that going around in the daytime without having to look for it in my (precious) spare time as well.

So my thought of this morning was: why not use the beach for my jams? It’s a lovely place, and someone might just happen to visit when I’m doing my thing there. Yarr! Maybe even call in some friends! Apart from that, I seem to be in a never-ending rehearsal mindset, some sort of an ongoing mission to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations. Seems like I got them cozmic blues again, mama!

Basically, playing instruments and creating songs, to me, is primarily a very enjoyable thing to do (to say the least). And I really wanna try and keep it that way.