Still haven’t deleted Red Fences Suck, like I did with the other thingies over the past months. This one just might survive! I listened to it a lot today, while I was preparing for my holiday week at work (cleaning up the desk and looking busy in general), and even forced a few co-workers to listen as well. And they liked it! w00t!

I’m gonna let the tune rest for a while, but when my brother S. gets in da flow again I will try to entice him to add a redhot sizzling lead guitar ‘coz that might spice it up real good! Phor! You can quote me on that!

Funny thing is, finishing that tune seems to have set me free. Spent the best part of the evening working on yet another one, based on a somewhat weird riddim one of my MySpace friends offers for download on her site. The general idea being that everyone downloads it, adds their own stuff and sends the whole lot back to them as an mp3 which they, in turn, will publish on the internetz!

I really like that concept. We should all be sending tunes around to friends and ask them to have their way with them. So if you wanna have a go at this one: go check this place out!