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Summer seems to have gained a foothold in these parts of Meatspace and we can’t deny that has gotten us in a splendid mood! Therefore, we have decided to hit the Grid roads, starting in June. The first gigs will be in the Green House at Rastafairy Beach (at a highly irregular and unpredictable time of day) and will serve as try-outs – after all, we do want to get the stream settings as right as we can get them.

It goes without saying that the first official gig (guess we could call that a premiere) will be at our home base as well. After that, we have a gig booked at the Stonehenge Arena on June 28, at 4 PM SLT. May many more follow!


So there we were, out there doing our thing with synths and guitars and assorted madness. You know what it’s like. On a small stage, so we had to leave most of our equipment at home. Hell, even the stompboxes for the guitars had to be dismantled or else we just wouldn’t fit in! Then the strings of the guitar broke, all at the same time. We did two tunes and gave up.

Fortunately, nobody had seen us. It turned out the stage was at the other side of the room and we hadn’t even noticed.

We tried to wake up and found ourselves wrapped in bedsheets, a cat peacefully nested on our head. It was a warm night for this time of the year. That’s for sure.

And together we will dance under the Moon!

We told you about this tune in an earlier blogpost (this one, to be exact), and since then we have taken it a few steps further. So ladies and gentlemen, friends, Romans and countrymen: meet ‘Evitar Inalar’! Portuguese for ‘Do Not Inhale’, this tune is some sort of MySpace jam, actually. The idea behind it being, you download the percussion track (called ‘Kalimba’) and then do your thing with it. Check out the Not From This World site to pick up your own copy of the rhythm track!

The first draft is up on our MySpace site now (just follow the white rabbit down the link hole) and remember, yet again, this is a work in progress so it’ll keep changing. Which means we will probably be uploading one version after the other, whilst removing the previous one. One thing is for sure: we’re gonna use this when we go live in the Metaverse, ‘coz it’s a great foundation for a wicked jam. Hell yeah!

We are at the moment enjoying a rare treat in these parts of the globe: sunny weather! Hell, if the people down here wouldn’t speak such a funny language, we would think we’re in California right now! And man, ain’t that turning studio time into quality time. Thanks to the headphones (what a great invention!), we can leave the door to the balcony wide open and take in the evening air whilst merrily strumming away on the stringed sisters or hammering on them keys – happy, happy, joy, joy!

And best of all: we have been promised it’ll at least stay like this all through the weekend. So in case anyone of you wonders where we are and what we’re up to: now you know! Had great fun last night, BTW, getting into a dub version of a little something I’ve been working on.

And this time it ain’t no cover version! No sir!

Well, the last day of my little Spring vacation has arrived and we haven’t played any instruments at all! Apart from the occasional ten minutes here and there, that is. That everyday life sure can take up a lot of your time! Can I get a witness?

No harm done, of course. Plenty of days left in which to indulge in the fine art of jamming. And mind you: not actually playing doesn’t mean having no ideas! On the contrary, even: there’s plenty of new stuff bubbling around somewhere inside, and letting those tunes ripen a bit won’t hurt.

There you go, folks: our first video clip! It didn’t take that long to get all the pics together, actually. Which in itself is somewhat sad, and thus shows that this could very well be considered as A Song With A Message.

Now onwards we go! New adventures involving guitars and synths and assorted madness are impatiently waiting!

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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