We told you about this tune in an earlier blogpost (this one, to be exact), and since then we have taken it a few steps further. So ladies and gentlemen, friends, Romans and countrymen: meet ‘Evitar Inalar’! Portuguese for ‘Do Not Inhale’, this tune is some sort of MySpace jam, actually. The idea behind it being, you download the percussion track (called ‘Kalimba’) and then do your thing with it. Check out the Not From This World site to pick up your own copy of the rhythm track!

The first draft is up on our MySpace site now (just follow the white rabbit down the link hole) and remember, yet again, this is a work in progress so it’ll keep changing. Which means we will probably be uploading one version after the other, whilst removing the previous one. One thing is for sure: we’re gonna use this when we go live in the Metaverse, ‘coz it’s a great foundation for a wicked jam. Hell yeah!