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So we run into a friend in the middle of the night, and next thing we know we’re on a stage in a forest, with people TP-ing in from all over the Grid just to join the groove! Above an impression of the scenery and the people, below the fold a little poem (or something like that, anyway) which we feel is appropriate for this lovely evening.

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This time, in their ongoing mission to give us a bad rep, the Grid Gremlins started to nibble at the stream itself! Which means that Madame’s rendition of that famous classic by The Iron Butterfly got lost in the bitbucket of Teh InTernEtZ and that our first tune most likely ended up in there as well.

This has of course only strengthened our commitment to expose those wretched little critters and, eventually, wipe them of the face of the Metaverse. Serves them right for trying to mess with The Born Again Pagans! Roarrrr!

And yes, we had a great time at the stage of the Eden Ballroom. We’re growing into looser jams and that definately makes it more interesting – for ourselves, and for the audience. Needless to say, we don’t expect the concept of lunatic fringe jamming to gain a great acclaim but that’s not why we’re out there anyway.

We’re out there to blow your mind, haha!

A stage near the ocean. A happy dancing crowd. So far so good! But, alas, also a totally borked up Metaverse that refused to let people log on and wouldn’t let us rez a guitar. Good thing we’d set up Madame’s organ backstage already! We doubt if we could get her to a nice little dance act on stage to give the people something to look at. Haha!

Oh, and to make life even more interesting and challenging: the studio computer also decided to crash on us in the middle of the show. So much for TLC!

To cut a long story short: what a night it was! Especially since we managed to get the music across to the masses and the subsequent magick afoot, in spite of all the sabotage by them wretched Grid Gremlins!

Two more jams at other places coming up coming weekend and next week, so plenty of time to hit the stage at the Green House again!

And behind the fold: some appropriate lyrics that someone else wrote.

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Whooooosh. We need a comfy chair in the Coolsounds & Magick Studios, so we can sit back and close our eyes and just drift away in the loosest of jams and loops and synths and more loops and stuff. Just like all hippie scum does. And then some.

Now there’s a thought! Shut up coz’ there’s no lyrics anwyway and see where the winds take us!


We finally pimped that damn hit single of ours a bit as well, tonight, and gave that obnoxious computer some TLC so she won’t be messing up things and start being a pain in the ass in general. We always hate it when that happens, dammit – it’s hard enough worrying about whether or not the groove reaches the masses on digital waves without the gear copping an attitude.

And we really got to mention this, coz’ we’re really excited about it: two of our brothers are seriously considering to get over here and get some wicked jams going! And stream the whole shabang into the Metaverse, just for the funk of it! Show ’em what this lunatic fringe jamming is all about!

Now ain’t that something?

“Go ask Alice, when she was just small.” Scary stuff! We have the feeling the Cozmic Overlords Of The Universe are channeling ideas for new tunes into our heads!

And what a great time we had! It all started off on Saturday, with brother Silas tearing it up on the skystage at Rastafairy Beach – leave it up to him to get them Dark Side juices flowing! So when Saturday came, we were all dressed up and ready to kick ass on the main stage where we opened up for our brother Soundcircel Flanagan. And lemme tell ya: we’re gonna do this more often! Great vibes, great crowd, great music – and one helluva lazy Sunday to chill out from all this w00tness!

Still gotta get used to that latency stuff when streaming live, though. It takes kinda long to stream the music into the computers here – the signal arrives after more than a minute! Could be because we got three computers running SL clients during the show (one for hexx, one for Madame and one for jsmn) and since we (of course) all use the same modem, it probably gets a bit busy in there with a stream going out to shoutcast and a couple of streams coming in thru SL, all at the same time.

Ah well. We live and we learn. And as long as the Grid Gremlins don’t start eating the stuff in the studio, we’ll get by just fine.

While, once again, the logic and proportion are falling through the cracks and the White Knight seems to be talking backwards, we are pleased to announce that yet another tune is well underway. Barely over two minutes long and on a very strict chord scheme, it turns out to be a very interesting journey to turn it into one of them Born Again Pagans tunes we all love so dearly!

Time for a bit of silence in the studio now, so we can feed our head and move forward!

Maybe we should go out more. First of all coz’ it’s nice to hear others do their thing, especially when the audience isn’t spamming all the lyrics to all the tunes during concerts – now there’s a weird little habit! Lyricspamming! Roarrrrr!

It’s also great to meet up with folks we haven’t spoken to in a long time – lotsa familiar faces in the crowd at those jams! And apart from all that (insert drum roll here), we even managed to get ourselves booked for a couple of gigs!  This month we’ll be at The Note Shack at 10 AM (that’s July 23) and at the Eden Ballroom at 2 PM (on July 27), and August 30 it’s gonna be the Rocky Shores at 2 PM – all times in SLT, of course.

Gigs at our own place will remain as unscheduled (and plentiful) as possible, of course. And since it’s a lazy Sunday again, who knows what may happen today?

That was a wonderful Sunday! We might have messed up the announcement of our gig a bit with the 3 PM being euro time instead of the usual SLT, but nevertheless five people showed up! And hey, we do these Green House gigs when we feel like it – no planning involved there! Like it says on the calendar at the Beach: it could be any day at any time. Brother Silas describes it as lunatic fringe jamming and I think that’s pretty accurate.

We are thinking seriously about making all of our gigs in the outside world (i.e. other venues) part of a tour, though. The name ‘Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tour’ came to mind yesterday – wouldn’t it be great fun to pack the tourbus with a load of smoking and tripping hippies, a couple of bad-ass biker roadies and some mafioso managers, ride the thing right up to the stage and start setting up our stuff while the possee swarms all over the place?

We talked about it with Soundcircel Flanagan (a great musician, btw, check out the tunes at his MySpace page and try to catch one of his gigs!) and he seemed to like the idea, so setting this up with a couple of bands might be real kewl! We will definately try to get brother Silas on board as well – he needs to go out more anyway, it’s a great cure for grumpiness and stuff. Haha!

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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