That was a wonderful Sunday! We might have messed up the announcement of our gig a bit with the 3 PM being euro time instead of the usual SLT, but nevertheless five people showed up! And hey, we do these Green House gigs when we feel like it – no planning involved there! Like it says on the calendar at the Beach: it could be any day at any time. Brother Silas describes it as lunatic fringe jamming and I think that’s pretty accurate.

We are thinking seriously about making all of our gigs in the outside world (i.e. other venues) part of a tour, though. The name ‘Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tour’ came to mind yesterday – wouldn’t it be great fun to pack the tourbus with a load of smoking and tripping hippies, a couple of bad-ass biker roadies and some mafioso managers, ride the thing right up to the stage and start setting up our stuff while the possee swarms all over the place?

We talked about it with Soundcircel Flanagan (a great musician, btw, check out the tunes at his MySpace page and try to catch one of his gigs!) and he seemed to like the idea, so setting this up with a couple of bands might be real kewl! We will definately try to get brother Silas on board as well – he needs to go out more anyway, it’s a great cure for grumpiness and stuff. Haha!