Maybe we should go out more. First of all coz’ it’s nice to hear others do their thing, especially when the audience isn’t spamming all the lyrics to all the tunes during concerts – now there’s a weird little habit! Lyricspamming! Roarrrrr!

It’s also great to meet up with folks we haven’t spoken to in a long time – lotsa familiar faces in the crowd at those jams! And apart from all that (insert drum roll here), we even managed to get ourselves booked for a couple of gigs!  This month we’ll be at The Note Shack at 10 AM (that’s July 23) and at the Eden Ballroom at 2 PM (on July 27), and August 30 it’s gonna be the Rocky Shores at 2 PM – all times in SLT, of course.

Gigs at our own place will remain as unscheduled (and plentiful) as possible, of course. And since it’s a lazy Sunday again, who knows what may happen today?