And what a great time we had! It all started off on Saturday, with brother Silas tearing it up on the skystage at Rastafairy Beach – leave it up to him to get them Dark Side juices flowing! So when Saturday came, we were all dressed up and ready to kick ass on the main stage where we opened up for our brother Soundcircel Flanagan. And lemme tell ya: we’re gonna do this more often! Great vibes, great crowd, great music – and one helluva lazy Sunday to chill out from all this w00tness!

Still gotta get used to that latency stuff when streaming live, though. It takes kinda long to stream the music into the computers here – the signal arrives after more than a minute! Could be because we got three computers running SL clients during the show (one for hexx, one for Madame and one for jsmn) and since we (of course) all use the same modem, it probably gets a bit busy in there with a stream going out to shoutcast and a couple of streams coming in thru SL, all at the same time.

Ah well. We live and we learn. And as long as the Grid Gremlins don’t start eating the stuff in the studio, we’ll get by just fine.