Whooooosh. We need a comfy chair in the Coolsounds & Magick Studios, so we can sit back and close our eyes and just drift away in the loosest of jams and loops and synths and more loops and stuff. Just like all hippie scum does. And then some.

Now there’s a thought! Shut up coz’ there’s no lyrics anwyway and see where the winds take us!


We finally pimped that damn hit single of ours a bit as well, tonight, and gave that obnoxious computer some TLC so she won’t be messing up things and start being a pain in the ass in general. We always hate it when that happens, dammit – it’s hard enough worrying about whether or not the groove reaches the masses on digital waves without the gear copping an attitude.

And we really got to mention this, coz’ we’re really excited about it: two of our brothers are seriously considering to get over here and get some wicked jams going! And stream the whole shabang into the Metaverse, just for the funk of it! Show ’em what this lunatic fringe jamming is all about!

Now ain’t that something?