This time, in their ongoing mission to give us a bad rep, the Grid Gremlins started to nibble at the stream itself! Which means that Madame’s rendition of that famous classic by The Iron Butterfly got lost in the bitbucket of Teh InTernEtZ and that our first tune most likely ended up in there as well.

This has of course only strengthened our commitment to expose those wretched little critters and, eventually, wipe them of the face of the Metaverse. Serves them right for trying to mess with The Born Again Pagans! Roarrrr!

And yes, we had a great time at the stage of the Eden Ballroom. We’re growing into looser jams and that definately makes it more interesting – for ourselves, and for the audience. Needless to say, we don’t expect the concept of lunatic fringe jamming to gain a great acclaim but that’s not why we’re out there anyway.

We’re out there to blow your mind, haha!