So there we were, al dressed up and ready to groove at The Notes Shack. Madame Amoufhaz was already weaving a web of sound with her synths and assorted madness, while hexx was logging in to get to the stage. Five minutes later, she was still trying to log in. And ten minutes later. In the end, it took fifteen minutes to get there.

After the show, we needed to get Madame home so we left and told the people we would be back shortly. It’s always nice to hang out after a show, socialize with the crowd for a bit and catch a few tunes of the other artists. Unfortunately, we never got around to that: the Grid Gremlins apparently felt like having their evil ways with the login servers so the Powers That Be decided to disable all logins.

Next time (which will be coming Wednesday, at Fibber Magee’s), we’ll be starting off with the tune those nasty little critters seem to dislike so much that they do everything within their power to give us a bad rep. That’ll teach them! We will prevail!