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We know the feeling all too well! You have this desperate (and understandable) need to get paganized, but there’s no-one you can discretely (and above all: safely) ask how to get that done. And that sucks, coz’ there ain’t nothing wrong with being paganized. dOH! It’s not like you’re expected to ritually dismember chickens, goats and virgins every Friday once you’ve joined that exponentially expanding family of paganized brothers and sisters. That’s a thing of the old times, way before the Burning Days. But try to explain that to your friends and family – ain’t no use, people can be so thickheaded. A crying shame, that’s what it is! But hey, we’ve gotta live with it. Such is life, and it gets sucher every day.

Therefore it’s better to focus on the good news: the regular gigs of The Born Again Pagans. So here goes!

The VIbe HQ – every Monday at 2 PM SLT
Sailors Cove – every Thursday at 1 PM SLT
The Tropics – every other Friday at 5 PM SLT, starting October 10

There’s always a couple of other dates and times as well, but you might wanna check the calendar for those.



With the acoustic Lady permanently hooked up to (subsequently) a separate wah-pedal, delay and loopbox and La Godin to the Ultimate Guitar Gizmo shown below, we have entered the Realm Of The Never-Ending Jam – a path from which there is no turning back. Lady La Douze refuses any gizmos: she firmly stated that her voice is just like it should be, and we fully agree with her.

zOMG! There’s a white rabbit beckoning us to follow it through the looking glass! We’d better get a move on!

Our brother is out of the danger zone. Such a relief! We will be sending out many tunes to him, that’s for sure. And then some. And flood the Metaverse with some righteous lunatic fringyness while we’re at it! Roarrrrrr!

One love, one heart!

It’s a family affair. Hell yeah. Ain’t no holding back no more now.

Ahhhhhh, all those lovely places in the Metaverse! Like i said to sister Cher tonight: no matter what time of day or night, the music always lifts me up – the magick is definately afoot. Roarrrrrr! And the calendar is rapidly filling up with all them gorgeous places!

One thing really stands out, though: the benefit for sister Telia, on Sunday the 5th of October, in the Eden Ballroom. She’s been bitchslapped by a hurricane and we’re gonna send her all the love in the world on that day! Read all about it here and don’t forget to come on over and join in on the groove!

Let love rule!

Guitar leads, electricity cables and all those other wiry things truly and deeply love each others company. So no matter how hard one tries to keep that lot neatly tidied up, they always try to get very intimately intertwined with each other. And once they’ve succeeded in that, they’ll only let go of each other if one really insists on it. Even then, they will whine about it and try to stick together.

Guitar picks are even worse: they tend to jump all over the place and hide in plain sight (which, as everyone knows, is the best place to hide). Once discovered, they’ll just laugh in your face and do it all over again.

Resistance is futile. So we’ve decided to include a ritual involving white sage (and the occasional black chicken and/or goat) in our preparations for a gig. Better safe than sorry, is what we say! And who knows? It might even keep the Grid Gremlins at bay!

We live by the flow. Create by the flow and are created by the flow. There’s a place where we can always find peace of mind and heart and soul – the Stringed Ladies are there and when we start the stream, all our brothers and sisters are there as well. It’s a good place. A place of healing. A place of love.

The first Lunatic Fringe Circus, past Saturday at Rastafairy Beach, showed us that this is the path to follow. All we gotta do is let the music take over. So that is what we will keep on doing.

In a world that is burning, we know that it’s really about one love and one heart. Each and every day.

Best visited at sunrise, with the early light coming in over the ocean and the bay, this place definately has the good vibes! We’ve been asked to do weekly gig there and man, are we happy with that! What a chance to roll out them laid back grooves we so dearly cherish, dear friends. And this week was extra special, with it being 9/11 and all – so we started off with the tune that didn’t exist before we started playing it and dedicated that to the Spirits. One love, one heart, is what we say!

Of course SL was acting up again, causing people to crash and not being able to relog all the time. But neither we, nor the audience, let them nasty little gremlins get the best of us.

So yeah, we’re happy. Peace, y’all.

Tonight, we had half an hour to do our thang (at the Pixel Hill, a lovely venue) and decided to kick off with a tune that doesn’t even exist. It involves loopboxes and synths and the acoustic Lady – and da groove, of course. And man, was it fun to do!

We might be on to something here. Roarrr!

Now that was one nice jam, past Saturday at the Pagans Stage. The acoustic Lady might have sounded not all that acoustic, due to the stompboxes she was plugged into, but hey. Things like that happen. And it was great fun to start without having a clue of what to play and then end up in this colourful music place full of surprises. Great to see brother Silas show up, btw, and hang with us for a bit.

And so it’s off into the new week, with a couple of jams coming up! One very special one will be next Saturday, with brother Sound – yet another acoustic one! Now ain’t that something?

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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