So yesterday we rocked the Rocky Shores, but somehow something seemed missing. We didn’t seem to connect to the Flow, that magickal component we need to make it happen and take off into that place in the Universe where everything fits, so to speak. The place where one plus one equals so much more than two.

Dunno why. Things like that just happen. And we played well, with new strings on La Godin and all. So no worries there. Gotta walk and don’t look back.

Today was different. We were invited to play in the Eden Ballroom and the magick was afoot! Which got us thinking that it’s all about the vibes – we’re very sensitive to stuff like that. And once we connect with the audience, all systems are a bright green ‘go!’ for a journey into the musical unknown.

So there’s places to cherish. And the only way to find out where they are, is to just go there. Riddim! Step forward!