Guitar leads, electricity cables and all those other wiry things truly and deeply love each others company. So no matter how hard one tries to keep that lot neatly tidied up, they always try to get very intimately intertwined with each other. And once they’ve succeeded in that, they’ll only let go of each other if one really insists on it. Even then, they will whine about it and try to stick together.

Guitar picks are even worse: they tend to jump all over the place and hide in plain sight (which, as everyone knows, is the best place to hide). Once discovered, they’ll just laugh in your face and do it all over again.

Resistance is futile. So we’ve decided to include a ritual involving white sage (and the occasional black chicken and/or goat) in our preparations for a gig. Better safe than sorry, is what we say! And who knows? It might even keep the Grid Gremlins at bay!