We know the feeling all too well! You have this desperate (and understandable) need to get paganized, but there’s no-one you can discretely (and above all: safely) ask how to get that done. And that sucks, coz’ there ain’t nothing wrong with being paganized. dOH! It’s not like you’re expected to ritually dismember chickens, goats and virgins every Friday once you’ve joined that exponentially expanding family of paganized brothers and sisters. That’s a thing of the old times, way before the Burning Days. But try to explain that to your friends and family – ain’t no use, people can be so thickheaded. A crying shame, that’s what it is! But hey, we’ve gotta live with it. Such is life, and it gets sucher every day.

Therefore it’s better to focus on the good news: the regular gigs of The Born Again Pagans. So here goes!

The VIbe HQ – every Monday at 2 PM SLT
Sailors Cove – every Thursday at 1 PM SLT
The Tropics – every other Friday at 5 PM SLT, starting October 10

There’s always a couple of other dates and times as well, but you might wanna check the calendar for those.