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With our calendar filling up, we get the chance to jam away in the loveliest venues! The past weekend, for instance, took us to a brand new place called The Swank Lounge, to Zak and Kat’s Coyote Lounge and to the Eden Ballroom. We opened up the Semi-Naked Barking At The Moon Lunatic Fringe Jam at the latter, and man did we get in da groove!

We’re seriously considering of repeating those double bills with our brother Silas Scarborough, coz’ our music fits so good together. And there ain’t nothing wrong with being a support act – on the contrary, even!


After seven years of more or less faithfull duty and replacing every component imaginable (including the computer case itself), we figured it was time to get us a new PC. The old one could then move to the studio and do music stuff, and the one that is in the studio at the moment could make a dear friend very happy. All we needed to do, was put a new DVD gizmo in the old one.

Piece of cake, right? And a win-win situation if ever we saw one!

The old PC decided otherwise. First, it decided to blow up the motherboard. No big thing, we simply got us a new one and spent 30 minutes to get the old one out and put the new one in. So far, so good! But then Windows decided it was time to throw in one of those famous features – this time it was the “There Is No DVD Gizmo And I Can’t Find The Drivers For It As Well So Leave Me Be, Stupid Human” feature.

A problem that can easily be solved by reinstalling the OS, for which one needs a DVD gizmo. Catch 22 meets Murphy! What to do, except digging up an axe and splitting the darn thing in two halves? King Solomon would have done that, but he didn’t have computers in his days so wtf does he know about it?

We decided to fool the machine. Downloaded us a Win98 SE bootdisk, told the PC we wanted CD-rom support, inserted the XP Upgrade installation CD-rom and started burning white sage, sacrificing black chickens and chanting ancient incantations from before the beginning of time.

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Once every two weeks, starting today, we will be jamming the grooves at the stage of the Tropics. At 5 PM SLT (2 AM down here in the Neverlands), no less, which means no spacing out on acoustic guitars and singing not too loud and trying to refrain from wahwah pedals.

Haha! Prepare for assorted synth madness, for Lady La Douze and for Lady La Godin! And for the usual weird scenes inside the gold mine!

11 AM SLT today, at the Dragons Pearl, is when we’ll be jamming da grooves again. Sounds like a weird time for a gig, it being in the middle of the week and all. Don’t these people have daytime jobs to go to? Or all they all middle-aged housewives, or college kids that have the afternoon off? Or maybe even retired Navy Seals or something?

Ghehehe. If there’s one thing that we’ve noticed while being on this Never Ending Tour Of The Metaverse, it’s that there is no such thing as the ideal time for a gig. One day there might be something like 20 people there, any other time at the same place there might be just us and the venue host.

Operating on the Lunatic Fringe of SL live music holds many surprises!

Or something. And stuff. We started off in an empty venue and sort of wondered what we were gonna do, it being 2 AM in our local morning and all. So no way we could let the Acoustic Lady sing this time! This totally apart from the fact that there was no-one at the venue when we arrived.


So we figured: what the fuck. We spammed all our groups and no-one showed up? Let’s turn this gig into a rehearsal! And hey, let’s face it: basically, all gigs are rehearsals.

We started jamming. And the rest is untold history, coz’we didn’t record anything. Too bad!

Or is it? Madame sez she’ll recognize the name of the synth settings when she sees it. MInd you, this is the same Madame that managed to get herself trapped under the stage during the first three tunes. And made me relog for her and all. Only to find a very intimidating virus warning about a Trojan Horse when she finally got online again.

Ever tried to log in to Second Life (<— trademark!) while you’re playing the guitar? Thanks, my dear Madame! ‘Nuff said.

To cut a long story short: this was a good day. And it sure helped that brother Silas spammed his group to get them people over! In the end, there were like 15 or so people!


*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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