Or something. And stuff. We started off in an empty venue and sort of wondered what we were gonna do, it being 2 AM in our local morning and all. So no way we could let the Acoustic Lady sing this time! This totally apart from the fact that there was no-one at the venue when we arrived.


So we figured: what the fuck. We spammed all our groups and no-one showed up? Let’s turn this gig into a rehearsal! And hey, let’s face it: basically, all gigs are rehearsals.

We started jamming. And the rest is untold history, coz’we didn’t record anything. Too bad!

Or is it? Madame sez she’ll recognize the name of the synth settings when she sees it. MInd you, this is the same Madame that managed to get herself trapped under the stage during the first three tunes. And made me relog for her and all. Only to find a very intimidating virus warning about a Trojan Horse when she finally got online again.

Ever tried to log in to Second Life (<— trademark!) while you’re playing the guitar? Thanks, my dear Madame! ‘Nuff said.

To cut a long story short: this was a good day. And it sure helped that brother Silas spammed his group to get them people over! In the end, there were like 15 or so people!