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What better time for new tunes to be born than with rain and hail battering the windows of the Coolsounds & Magick Studios? There’s one tune almost ready to roll, with the lyrics already on the tip of my tongue – all we need to do now, is write them down so the tune can come to life and really start growing.

It’s always so wonderful to see how the music and lyrics seem to feed each other. No compositions here with tightly fixed chord sequences and what have you! All we got is a basic structure and from there on, we take it as it comes.

True, it makes performing more dangerous with all the things that can go wrong. But also much more exciting. And as the saying goes: if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space!


Now we, the self-acclaimed artists, could squeeze the venues for more money. Get all mental about all the time we spend on tuning the guitars (us Born Again Pagans have four, one of which is a 12-string which counts double), and about the time we have to spend smooching up the fans afterwards.

But the truth is, we only got 37 fans.

So my dear friend Madame and me were thinking: what if we would refrain from charging a fee? Just let the venue people decide what they can spare? What if there woiuld be some decent people around?

A leap of faith, that’s what it is. Turn on, tune in, drop out!

We spent hours with the guitar gizmo today. And spent time with a friend who was on the verge of actually buying land in SL (<– tm). ‘Kay, it’s only a 512 parcel but still. It’s a start. Then we went out to play at the Dragons Pearl and of course the awemighty Lindens didn’t allow us to rez a tipjar. Who cares. They smell like cabbage anyway, those wretched Lindens.

Got us a 1024 parcel on the very first continent, jsmn and us. A whopping 512 each. 234 prims. No tier. And sistah BIbi and sistah Feather are right next to us, so we rezzed ourselves a stairway to their land. Also got loose again with the loop brother Silas sent to us.

This world desperately needs beauty.

One love, one heart.

So our dear brother Silas sent us a backing track and we loaded it in Cubase and set it to loop while Madame and me fiddled around with synths and guitars and assorted madness. And one thing’s for sure: this tune is definitely gonna stay! Such a mellow groove, laughing in the face of oceans and timezones that desperately try to keep us apart! We’re gonna send our brother a track in return, hell yeah, and are really looking forward to what he conjures up with that!

One love, one heart!

Needless to say, hardly anyone showed up for this memorable occasion. The first and the last show on Rastafairy Island, thanks to the Linden Possee for deciding to raise the tier for OpenSpace sims with a whopping 66%. So we had no choice but leave – but, haha, we’re gonna convert all the OS sims into a real island and will have one third of that to set up again! So we’ll be back in two weeks!

And hey. No-one whined about particle lag while we blew up the place. And brother Silas and us, we’re gonna do a whole lot of them double headers coz’ life’s so sweet on the Lunatic Fringe!


Our dear friend Mr. White Rabbit did make it on time after all, as did more than 20 others, past Wednesday at Fibber Magee’s in Dublin SL, and we even got us a headline on TeH iNTerNetZ! So in case you might wanna check out what you missed, here’s a link to the review of our show!

It’s lovely out here! The wind is crisp and fresh like a spring breeze from the mountains, the air is so clear that you can see for miles and miles around and there’s lotsa space for everyone! It can be a bit risky though coz’ there ain’t much backing tapes lingering about on the Fringe. So we’ve gotta keep track of what we’re doing with all the gizmo’s and stuff, if we don’t want to end up against a tree or rock alongside the road. But hey – if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space anyway. So we don’t care.

Needless to say that the paganization of tunes is going very well. It’s amazing how all lyrics basically fit any chord scheme! And the bliss of synth and loop waterfalls is something we don’t even dare to begin to try to describe.

Magick is definately afoot – the people are starting to feel the groove coz’ more and more turn up at our shows. Roarrrrr!

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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