So our dear brother Silas sent us a backing track and we loaded it in Cubase and set it to loop while Madame and me fiddled around with synths and guitars and assorted madness. And one thing’s for sure: this tune is definitely gonna stay! Such a mellow groove, laughing in the face of oceans and timezones that desperately try to keep us apart! We’re gonna send our brother a track in return, hell yeah, and are really looking forward to what he conjures up with that!

One love, one heart!

Needless to say, hardly anyone showed up for this memorable occasion. The first and the last show on Rastafairy Island, thanks to the Linden Possee for deciding to raise the tier for OpenSpace sims with a whopping 66%. So we had no choice but leave – but, haha, we’re gonna convert all the OS sims into a real island and will have one third of that to set up again! So we’ll be back in two weeks!

And hey. No-one whined about particle lag while we blew up the place. And brother Silas and us, we’re gonna do a whole lot of them double headers coz’ life’s so sweet on the Lunatic Fringe!