We spent hours with the guitar gizmo today. And spent time with a friend who was on the verge of actually buying land in SL (<– tm). ‘Kay, it’s only a 512 parcel but still. It’s a start. Then we went out to play at the Dragons Pearl and of course the awemighty Lindens didn’t allow us to rez a tipjar. Who cares. They smell like cabbage anyway, those wretched Lindens.

Got us a 1024 parcel on the very first continent, jsmn and us. A whopping 512 each. 234 prims. No tier. And sistah BIbi and sistah Feather are right next to us, so we rezzed ourselves a stairway to their land. Also got loose again with the loop brother Silas sent to us.

This world desperately needs beauty.

One love, one heart.