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After a refreshing vacation involving lots of wind and waves breaking on a beach, Madame and me are getting ready to hit the road again. Check the upcoming shows to see where you can find us! Many shows are weekly regulars – that’s easy to remember for us as well as for the audience and regular shows feel like playing at home, so to speak, which makes it easier to try new stuff out.

It is getting real hard to stay within the hour, though, with all those wild things flying around!


Imagine, if you will, a little shack on a tiny island. Imagine being inside that shack, on the dancefloor, strumming the guitars amidst the dancing people while Madame is right behind you on the stage, weaving layers and webs of synths. Then imagine the full moon smiling above it all.

That’s what happened to us tonight. And the magick was afoot. Good thing we remembered to record it!

Madame said we should call it ‘sba’alcheir’, which (she says) is Arabic for ‘good morning’, and so we did! It had its debut at The Vibe HQ today and will probably take its own course anytime soon now. We’ve recorded it on the fly a day later (so no editing, just straight to the MP3 recorder) and put it on our MySpace site – check it out and let us know what you think!

One minor detail: yet again, it’s more or less acoustic. What has gotten into us?

A whopping 41 people in our group already! Just one more, and we’ll unveil the Ancient Secrets Of The Universe! World peace will be a piece of cake after that. Blessed be! Roarrrrrrr!

It is official now: anyone listening to us with the expectation of hit-making hooks will most likely be frustrated! So let it be known that there still are some writers and magazine people out there who not only have ears, but also a heart and a brain and last but not least: the ability to use al of those simultaneously!

ROLE Magazine, a brand new in-world publication, spends a two-page spread on The Born Again Pagans! Wanna read it? Just click this link and go to page 66/67!

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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