A couple of months ago, we were jamming the pyro at a show of our brother Silas when a lady called Cellandra Zon stepped up and joined in with her particles. An utterly amazing light show was the result, that went on for hours on end. Due to the usual timezone stuff, we never really got a chance to hook up again – until yesterday (Saturday the 7th), that is, when we had our regular two-weekly gig at the Memphis Pavilion.

Cellandra did a great job, weaving her intricate colour magic into the assorted madness grooves and we’re definitely gonna ask her to join in on the jams more often!

The Memphis Pavilion is a very sweet little venue, by the way. The same goes for Moondance, where we had the honour of being invited to perform at the grand opening, past Friday. There’s some beauty left in this world yet!