Spring is coming outside my window, but it’s coming real slow. So what can one better do than have some coffee with a friend while listening to the recording of the jams we had on a rezday party, earlier this week? It’s great to hear our music from an audience point of view: firstly because the sound is remarkably good and secondly because we get to hear everything that we can and should improve, haha. And with the live CD coming up in March, it was about time we started listening to all the recordings we’ve made so far.

Man, we just love those Sundays! And today is a special one since we’ve been asked to jam da grooves for half an hour at Memphis Pavillion, where the people have planned a huge festival in honour of Circe Broom (the sweet lady who keeps the place running with great music all the time).

Life is so good at the Lunatic Fringe. Rawrrrrr.