True, the stringed Ladies work hard. But there’s more to it than just working hard – therefore below the fold, an impression of the Coolsounds & Magick Studios.


This is the machine that handles the stream and plays the samples of thunderstorms and waves on the beach and what have you. Also, to the right, Madame’s machine.


The percussion thingies we throw in, every now and then.


Madame’s keyboards, the mixer and hexx’  laptop. The mic to the left is for the vocals, the other one’s for percussion and whatever other non-amplified instrument we wanna feed into the loop machine.


The gizmos from left to right: a Boss GT-10, a CryBaby wahwah, a Boss RC-2 loop machine (for Madame’s synths and keys), below that a footswitch, a Boss RC-20XL loop machine, a distortion and a digital delay.


A close-up of the little gizmos …..


….. and one of the GT-10. There’s a looper in this one as well, by the way.