You have undoubtedly all read the latest issue of Music Matters Magazine by now, more specifically the blood chilling tale of what happened to brother Winston Ackland when he played at Erie Isle. One would expect anyone in his right mind to stay as far away from that creepy place as possible!

But hey. Even us Born Again Pagans have to work, if we don’t wanna be homeless. Apart from that, it’s been a long time since we were in our right minds with all the assorted madness bouncing around us. We won’t even start to tell you about all the drugs. But anyways, when we were asked to come and do a show at Erie Isle on Thursday, April 2, at 11 AM SLT, we gratefully accepted the opportunity.

To cut a long story short: we would greatly appreciate it if any of you could come and give us some moral support. Apart from that, it might very well be the last chance you get to see us alive.

You can grab a taxi to Erie Isle here.