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As you all know by now, Madame and me create our music on the fly with loop machines. And since RL forced us to cancel a gig past Monday, we suddenly found ourself in the middle of an SL vacation period with no jams until coming Sunday.

Needless to say, we locked ourselves up in the Coolsounds & Magick Studios to work on our music. And you know what? After we ditched the broken delay and the crappy distortion pedal and plugged the GT-10 into the RC-20 looper, it turned out we can really spice up our stuff.

I mean, like, that RC-20 looper is so much more versatile than the one that comes with the GT-10 anyway. Do have to fiddle with the presets in the GT-10 to get it all right, though, but hey. Ain’t that what vacations are for?


Why does all the regularly blossoming blabber about live music in SL and how utterly unfair it is that only a handful of people show up at gigs, while there are over 60,000 online at any given moment, always have a tendency to derail in drama?

Coz’ let’s face it: now that Mankind Tracer has officially been proclaimed to be the Best Musician In SL, it might be wise (as brother Silas already suggested on his blog) to try and live with the fact that we’re all bozos on this bus.

So us Born Again Pagans will just keep on keeping on making them jams happen, live and direct. But first, we’re gonna enjoy a couple of days more of our SL vacation!

Good news! There’s actually a number of people out there who don’t like our jams! Coz let’s face it: wouldn’t it be horribly boring if everybody went “Ooooooh” and “Aaaaaah” every time we showed up? There wouldn’t be much value in that, now would there?

So after yet another hour on a stage before an audience that basically only wants to hear the usual singer/songwriter and blues stuff, we sat down for a chat with the venue owner. “Shows like this are, we feel, neither good for your venue nor for us”, we mumbled and the venue owner nodded in agreement. We hugged, raised our glasses, smiled and that was it. After six months or so (and man, has it been a wonderful journey!), our ways parted. At least for a while.

And there we are, Madame and me, enjoying the peace and quiet of our little Caravanserai, merrily working on new jams and hopping on the Born Again Pagans Tourbus a couple of times a week to take our grooves to the masses.

It’s good to unwind. It creates happy spirits and lots of energy. And that’s the stuff that jams are made of.

They just keep on turning.

From the Coolsounds & Magick Studios in the 80’s, in the front room of an old house with me messing with tapereel recorders, and four track machines, and drum machines, and an old beaten down Yamaha synth, a Stratocaster and a Marshall amp, to the Rock & Roll Shamans in the 90’s and back in the Coolsounds & Magick Studios with The Born Again Pagans in the 21st century.

All is one and one is all.


Released on the first Full Moon’s Day of Spring, so available for download right here and now, the first CD of The Born Again Pagans (we mentioned it earlier in this post). All you have to do, is unpack the downloaded file to a directory on your hard drive and play the MP3 in your audio software of choice.

The liner notes, credits and everything you need to know to create your own personal hardcopy CD are all in the enclosed *.txt file – we do hope you enjoy the album and send you our love!


So first we had to cancel a couple of gigs because of the flu that hit hexx. Then, when she had recovered past Thursday and was all set to go, LL decided to disable all logins so we decided to reschedule. After that, past Saturday, calendars got all screwed up so had to reschedule that one as well. And tonight, it took us an hour to convince the Big Bad-Ass Streaming Machine in the studio that we really do have an internet connection, so it’s OK to stream. Needless to say, had to reschedule that gig as well.

Did a kick-ass show at Rastafairy Beach after we got it all fixed. No-one showed up.


So there we all were, nicely on schedule, setting up at the Phantom Theatre of Erie Isle. The good folks from Metahype, the venue people, and hexx. Time to wake up Madame from her beauty nap and TP her in! Half an hour left ’till showtime!

The TP didn’t work. Madame decided to relog to clear any possibly clogged up buffers or whatever it is that messes up the SL client. She couldn’t get back in.

Showtime arrived. Still no logins. Fifteen minutes into showtime: no logins. Half an hour into showtime: the concept of logins comes disturbingly close to being a fleeting memory from days gone by.

We decide to reschedule the show to April 9, 11 AM SLT, and call it a day. Needless to say, a couple of minutes later and in full compliance with Murphy’s Law, LL restores the logins.

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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