So there we all were, nicely on schedule, setting up at the Phantom Theatre of Erie Isle. The good folks from Metahype, the venue people, and hexx. Time to wake up Madame from her beauty nap and TP her in! Half an hour left ’till showtime!

The TP didn’t work. Madame decided to relog to clear any possibly clogged up buffers or whatever it is that messes up the SL client. She couldn’t get back in.

Showtime arrived. Still no logins. Fifteen minutes into showtime: no logins. Half an hour into showtime: the concept of logins comes disturbingly close to being a fleeting memory from days gone by.

We decide to reschedule the show to April 9, 11 AM SLT, and call it a day. Needless to say, a couple of minutes later and in full compliance with Murphy’s Law, LL restores the logins.