Good news! There’s actually a number of people out there who don’t like our jams! Coz let’s face it: wouldn’t it be horribly boring if everybody went “Ooooooh” and “Aaaaaah” every time we showed up? There wouldn’t be much value in that, now would there?

So after yet another hour on a stage before an audience that basically only wants to hear the usual singer/songwriter and blues stuff, we sat down for a chat with the venue owner. “Shows like this are, we feel, neither good for your venue nor for us”, we mumbled and the venue owner nodded in agreement. We hugged, raised our glasses, smiled and that was it. After six months or so (and man, has it been a wonderful journey!), our ways parted. At least for a while.

And there we are, Madame and me, enjoying the peace and quiet of our little Caravanserai, merrily working on new jams and hopping on the Born Again Pagans Tourbus a couple of times a week to take our grooves to the masses.

It’s good to unwind. It creates happy spirits and lots of energy. And that’s the stuff that jams are made of.