As you all know by now, Madame and me create our music on the fly with loop machines. And since RL forced us to cancel a gig past Monday, we suddenly found ourself in the middle of an SL vacation period with no jams until coming Sunday.

Needless to say, we locked ourselves up in the Coolsounds & Magick Studios to work on our music. And you know what? After we ditched the broken delay and the crappy distortion pedal and plugged the GT-10 into the RC-20 looper, it turned out we can really spice up our stuff.

I mean, like, that RC-20 looper is so much more versatile than the one that comes with the GT-10 anyway. Do have to fiddle with the presets in the GT-10 to get it all right, though, but hey. Ain’t that what vacations are for?