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Past Sunday, a band of gypsies called The ORIGINALS landed at Rastafairy Beach and took over the place with a 5 hour show, featuring 10 artists who do not play cover versions. We got the chance to open up the show and were fortunate to have Ms. Harie Skjellerup and the other members of the ORIGINALS possee to take some picca’s.

Here’s the shots they took of The Born Again Pagans. Their full photostream is at the Flickerz and there’s another photostream at the Rastafairy Beach website.

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time!

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One of the sweet things about performing in SL, is that the audience is like the waves on the beach. It comes and goes, with the occasional unexpected surge that gets you totally soaked. Now one could of course argue that going the Way Of The Balladeer will cure this phenomenon.

Imagine no more fiddling with buttons and hitting keyboards, just pick up that guitar and strum along while you sing the tunes that everybody knows. Then imagine the boredom this would bring.

We had a great Monday.

Saturday 1 PM SLT at the Memphis Pavilion and Sunday at Noon SLT at our homebase Rastafairy Beach. Get ready for a paganized weekend, dear people. Got particles, can blow minds.


It was at Mystery in the Sky, with us Pagans opening up for The Invisible Band! and lemme tell ya: apart from a stream URL, it really helps when the planets are aligning and the Fool Moon is nigh.

Some mighty fine vibes there. Oh yeah.

All we need, is a stream URL. Piece of cake.

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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