So they’re all drooling about a fistfull of dollars. More power to them, is what I say. First give the people whom I thought had a heart and soul the power, then take good care of the rest. I’ll take my loss. Here’s the Born Again Pagans point of view. And mind you: we haven’t got a clue.

But still.

If you wanna do product placement and branding and make shitloads of money and stuff, get into laundry detergents or something.

Just tell ’em they never had any clean underwear on their sorry asses before you came up with your killer app laundry detergent. They’ll believe you and buy your stuff.

Get rich quick. It’s easy.

So yeah. There’s people who offer Madame and me money to come and jam at their place. And there’s others that just ask us to come over. The other day, we had a giant guitar for a stage. Now that was a sight for sore eyes, lemme tell ya. We had particles flying around in a living room and everything.

Just wanted to share with y’all: last week was quite good. I mean, like, what the fuck do I know? Guess that means I ain’t no professional.

I couldn’t care less, but we can still be friends.