Now that people stay in the house more, with autumn on its way and stuff, they spend more time at their computer. And sometimes, I guess, they get carried away by all this crowdsourcing and having an opninion about everything. It’s what happens when people get online with their computers.

Having an opinion about opinions is also popular, by the way.


One of the topics that’s regularly being dug up for a rerun, is money. More specifically: the money we, as musicians, make. Point is: it’s never enough. I mean, c’mon, get real. Here we are, bringing world peace and putting a halt to world famine, plus we repair the ozone layer while we’re at it, and do we get compensated for that? Or even respected?

Hell no. We don’t.  We’re lucky if we don’t get griefed or worse. And apart from that, we even have to buy our own strings. A fresh set every day.

Fortunately, recently, our Messiah returned and He’s gonna set things straight. Here’s how it works. We’re all gonna get a box office with a chair for an avatar in it, and sell tickets. If people refuse to pay for such tickets, we’ll give them fair warning and kick their sorry asses off the SIM if they persist in their insubordinance.

There remains, of course, the minor detail of who should be allowed to use such a system. But no need to worry there. This too has been considered by our Messiah (peace be with Him) and He will only expect of quality artists and venues to set up that box office thing.

More power to the Messiah, is what we say. Read up on it here, if you want. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we jammed at .:The Forest:. and at Santir today. Stumbled across a fresh groove, which we called “Run For The Money”.

Gonna keep that one in for a bit.