Madame and me have been thinking. Being a rockstar is also about setting an example. It ain’t all fun and games. Sure, there’s always those good times in the Green Room. Wouldn’t wanna miss those for the world, really.

But still. We also gotta give something back to the world.

So this week, we’ll be doing a couple of fundraisers for the repair of the hole in the ozone layer. And trust me: that’s expensive shit with dem space shuttles and all. So we hope y’all will be there and tip genereously. There’ll be no cover charge cuz we knowz you’re all good people. Bless your hearts.

Due to environmental concerns, we haven’t booked a limo service to get you there. But we can offer environment-friendly TP’s:

Monday, Sept. 28, Noon SLT: Greenies Kitchen Table, … /28/142/36
Monday, Sept. 28, 2 PM SLT: The New Vibe HQ,
Saturday, Oct. 3, 1 PM: Monika’s Gallery, exact addres yet to be determined