As we mentioned earlier, being a rockstar ain’t all about fun and games. It’s also about the obligation to make the fans feel irie – first of all with the jams we do, of course, but certainly also when it comes to the choice of a venue for our gigs. That’s why we travel around a lot.

This week, we checked out the Netherlands.

Paradiso in Amsterdam is a nice venue, located in the very heart of the city so our fans need not worry about getting a decent bite to eat. Or, not unimportant, get a hold of some decent ganjaweed for a reasonable price. So this one’s a good choice.

Gelredome in Arnhem, on the other hand, sucks bigtime. It looks like shit and is situated as far away from any city centre as they could find. No way we’ll ever be jamming there!

All in all, with the huge traffic jams in the Netherlands, it took us a day to check these two out. And after that, we chilled out at a beach for a while.

A day well spent!