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What can we say? A dark rosewood fingerboard on a 2-piece mahogany neck, abalone dot inlays, gold tuners with pearl buttons and a Thinline under-saddle pickup and OP30 preamp, a very nice honeyburst finish and a beautiful sound.

In the old days, 30-something years ago, we started out on an Ovation. Today, we went full circle.


Those interwebs are full of surprises and nifty little applications for rockstars like Madame and me. Oh yeah. Today, for instance, we managed to set up something called Ninjam, that promised to enable us to jam online with other rockstars. And to our great surprise, it even worked! After an hour or so of fiddling with settings, we actually jammed with a bass-player from Portugal – so now the next step is to figure out how to stream the jams into the world of SL.

But hey. One step at a time is good enough for us.



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With many thanks to Rastaman Sorbet, who did an impromptu show at Rastafairy Beach past Friday and showed us the way, we’re able to offer you a videostream of our shows as well, from now on. Mind you, it ain’t nowhere near HD quality but hey, you can’t win ’em all.

Just follow the white rabbit in the navigation menu, under ‘Live And Direct’.

The crew at Coolsounds & Magick Studios is happy to announce that the day has come to show y’all the results of theĀ  various states of the Herb we wrote about during the summer of this year. So below the fold, in all its glory: about 10 ounces of homegrown Merrywanna.

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Live and direct, no backing tracks, y’all might be wondering what goes on in dem darn Coolsounds & Magick Studios in Amsterdam, the Neverlands. Let’s use a picture to try and show ya without geek talk:


So the guitars, the keyboards and the percussion mic (which we also use for the nylon-string guitar) go into the little mixer that sends it to the looper. The looper signal then goes into the main mixer, that’s connected to the computer that sends out the stream. The mic for the vocals goes straight into the main mixer.

If you wanna know how it sounds, we kindly refer you to the calendar in the menu bar.

Jamming at lovely Santir on Bayou Noir is always such a pleasure. And this week, we were captured in a video that’s being featured in New World Notes. Major coolness!

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

  • Wat een prachtig instrument, zo'n carillon. En zeker dat van 030. 5 years ago