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Apart from the breathtaking music with every instrument played live, the mindblowing trippy hippie stageset (with lights and stuff) and Madame Amoufhaz’s warm personality, us Born Again Pagans have another unique quality: you only need to hear three or four of our jams to get da groove. And in doing so, you’ll spread love and harmony all over the known Universe (and beyond), thus bringing peace and justice for all to our little planet. Not to mention the fact that you’ll put an end to famine and nasty diseases as well.

Imagine us all grooving together. Worshipping together, even, if anyone might feel so inclined. In the church of your choice! All this from the comfort of our own home, cozily nestled at our computer. If that ain’t a WIN, Madame and me wouldn’t know what would be.

And the best part of it all: we get the chance to do it THREE TIMES this week! First tomorrow, Monday the 30th of November, at 2 PM at the Cup-n-Spittle in Acheron. Then on Thursday the 3rd of December we’re in the ballroom of Santir on Bayou Noir at 1 PM and after that, we’ll be at the Luxor Stage on Saturday the 5th, at 1 PM.

As always, a luxurious limo is provided for your travelling leisure. This time, it’s parked behind the venue link.


Hmmm ….. rest assured there were, and part of them were even streamed to our HQ at Rastafairy Beach. One of the perks of owning some land in SL is that you can do stuff like that, which only the people that happen to pass by will hear. No trippy hippie stage setups, just little old hexx nestled in the beanbag and strumming da grooves.

Peacefull bliss on a cold and windy night. What more could we want?

Now that the evening has fallen again in Meatspace, we’d like to show y’all a little stage we built today. Before doing all kinds of Important RL Stuff, that is. Darn! Where does that daylight go so quickly, nowadays?

Anyway, since pictures are no good when you wanna show moving objects, we made a tiny film.

And so it came to pass that the ├╝bercool video stream from the Coolsounds & Magick Studios started messing up our audio bigtime, presumably because it exceeded the upstream capacity of our internet connection. So the choice was a simple one: no more video until our ISP does the substantial upgrade to our connection which, if rumours are right, should be somewhere in the spring of 2010.

It’s a pity, but no disaster. Sounds that come in colours can do without video as well.

And so it came to pass that Mr. Gumbo and us managed to get a Ninjam session up and running on Halloween’s evening and night (local time). Grinning from ear to ear as we rolled it all out. Some mighty good stuff in it, for real. It felt like being in the same room – actually listening to each other is a kick-ass way to create music together. Makes you wonder what would happen if we actually started working on it.

Which is what we’ll be starting to do on Wednesday.

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

  • Wat een prachtig instrument, zo'n carillon. En zeker dat van 030. 5 years ago