So our uplink bandwidth will more than double in a month from now. There’s great awesomeness in that, is what I say: video and audio should be streamable simultaneously. Now what if we could stream the SL video and audio into uStream and stick the uStream feed on a prim with a video texture?

The mind boggles.

There definitely is some serious stuff happening here. Last night, for instance, we met with a friend in SL who’s into building these vast stages with fractals and stuff flying all over the walls and whatnot. We set up a couple of showdates at her new place and there just might be some videos of hers that could use a soundtrack, later on in the year.

And then there’s the Galactic Tour jams, man, gotta tell ya: they’re indeed a very compelling experience. Been a long time (25 years or so) since we’ve had the opportunity to lay down dem grooves like this, with someone else. Live and direct. One plus one can equal a whole lot more than two, you betcha.

With the sound dialed in better and better every time, and lotsa time ahead of us, that will no doubt mean more jams to come your way all over the Internetz.

Peace, y’all.