Surely, this part of the Galactic Tour is nearing its conclusion. And what a Grande Finale it will be upcoming Saturday, with the adorable Mz. Aurora Metaluna on vocals, coming to you live and direct from Amsterdam on the Ustreamz video channel.

But just as surely, this doesn’t mean that it ends here, in early February of 2010. Far from it, even: this is merely the beginning.

Jamming is so much more than just grabbing an instrument and playing along with each other. It’s about how one plus one can equal a whole lot more than just two. It’s about kindred spirits engaging in the whirls and spins of a wild, yet elegant, dance without knowing where the dance will take them.

And most of all: without even caring where the dance will take them.

Doors of perception have been opened to new horizons where the sounds come in splendid colours. Grooves that lie within the beating of a heart, within the flow of a river, within the waves of the ocean when they arrive at the shores and within the smile  of a total stranger we meet in the streets – they’ve all been materializing and will keep on doing so.

Jamming with brother Silas is like coming home after a long journey. Heck, it must have been decades since we last experienced this. So we’re pretty sure our paths will cross again, either on this side of the ocean or on the other.

Welcome to the Never Ending Tour, where great wonders await us behind every corner on the road and behind every hilltop we climb. And where the Born Again Pagans are riding the waves all the way into the horizon.

We just LOVE dancing with y’all.