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Yep, search works great when you’re looking for building classes. It also works great when you’re looking for a shoe-store. And with the Googlization of search, we also get lotsa ads about stuff we can buy.

But if you wanna browse a list of shows that are happening at any particular moment, you’re in for a very frustrating ride. Unless, of course, venues and management agencies buy ads to announce their shows.

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Sure, it was a long day. And it was all we hoped it to be. Had a nice walk, a great meal, a delightful jam and even got us sneaked into a monthly line-up.

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Of course good old Madame Amoufhaz was there first, enjoying some well-deserved peace and quiet under the Moon of Rastafairy Beach.

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Just checked (involving quite a bit of running up and down stairs with a couple of SL viewers fired up) and it seems like all systems are a bright and shining GO: tomorrow, March 10 at 11 AM SLT, we’ll be jamming at Rastafairy Beach.

Of course there will be sounds that come in colours, assorted madness and all the other Paganesque grooves you rightly expect from us, but there’s more and it’s called Live Streaming Video. For those of you that log on with Viewer 2.0, that is – all others will see an oldfashioned backdrop.

Needless to say, you’re all cordially invited to fire up that new viewer and join us at Rastafairy Beach.

A comfortable taxi to that lovely place awaits you here.

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

  • Wat een prachtig instrument, zo'n carillon. En zeker dat van 030. 4 years ago