Yep, search works great when you’re looking for building classes. It also works great when you’re looking for a shoe-store. And with the Googlization of search, we also get lotsa ads about stuff we can buy.

But if you wanna browse a list of shows that are happening at any particular moment, you’re in for a very frustrating ride. Unless, of course, venues and management agencies buy ads to announce their shows.

Ah well. We can all get into each others hair over this on the forums and blogs, but chances are that the only ones who can actually do something about it probably aren’t reading all that stuff. It seems to be the Linden Tao Of Communication:

1. announce a change
2. politely ask for input
3. wait for the residents to start arguing amongst themselves
4. thank everybody for their input
5. proceed with the original plan

When viewer 2.0 goes out of beta, it won’t take long for the 1.xx viewer to become history. New residents won’t know better than that SL is what 2.0 says it is. Remember when the Grid had to settle down again each and every time after the Labbies had banged on it for a while?

Stories to scare the kids with, late at night at the campfire. That’s what those memories of days gone by are.

So what does all of this mean for our music, you might wonder. The answer is simple, my friends: nothing. Madame and me will just keep on doing what we’ve been doing all along – jamming them grooves, live and direct.

All over the internetz, including SL. Rawr.