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Ah yes, the Herb. It’s become quite popular over the years: here in the Neverlands, for instance, you can easily get your hands on a pouch in the notorious ‘coffeeshops’. Every city has a couple of those and it’s more or less perfectly legal.

Still, we can’t help to wonder if this is a good thing. Lots of growers are only in it for the money, and with so much demand they can basically do anything they want to make the plants grow faster and yield more crop. So they use chemicals and who knows what to keep the customers happy. The more potent the product, the more customers they get. And the customers are stoned out of their minds all day.

Madame and me, we’re kind of oldfashioned.

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This is what music can look like:

….. we would of course not mind to jam dem grooves at this sweet little venue in Amsterdam.

That’s where you find real groovy rabbits, playing dem skanky bluez.

This is what we see, when we’re busy jamming them grooves with y’all:

Gonna be warming up the stage for Blindboy Gumbo tomorrow at Noon SLT. Really looking forward to that one. Is gonna be the first in three weeks or something. And then there’s Monday at the Cup & Spittle, and Wednesday at Flimsey’s place.

One love.
One heart.
One destiny.

*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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