It’s another one of them Fool Moon Days, dear friends, and I was thinking. It simply ain’t about showing the world how well we can play pretty and catchy tunes. You know, the kind of tunes that got a hook that sticks.

Hell no. It’s about love, and trust, and peace of mind, and just being there with all we’ve got.

On the Twitterz, @tom_beek quoted Mary Lou Williams, who said: “It’s not what you play, it’s how you play it.” She did have a point there (and thanks for the quote, Tom), though I honestly wouldn’t know WTF this MLW is. I do think it’s deeper than just what she’s saying – my point being that if the stuff one plays really comes from that Special Place within, it truly doesn’t matter how you play it.

Wouldn’t mind running across a pretty catchy tune with a hook that sticks, though.