I was thinking: what would it take to go out there on a RL stage? In terms of gear and stuff, I mean. Finding places to do a show is a whole different story, but we’re just checking the Googlez now to see how we could do it.

The guitars and keyboards and mixer and pedals we got already, so no problem there. All we gotta do is feed the output to a sound system. Which leaves the lights: a liquid light show, some smoke en a couple of LED’s.

So I found the light show for 250, the smoke machine for 50 and the LED’s for 75.  Euro, that is. The rent of a place to try it all out, including a small but decent sound system with a a mixer, would be another 75 euro. So 500 euro should be enough.

I just might try it out this Fall and see what happens. Gonna be nice.