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The nasty burn is healing faster than I expected, but not as fast as I would like. Still a couple of days away from picking up the guitars – but handling a computermouse is manageable. So, after returning home from a wonderful concert by the Mongolian band Hanggai, we felt like creating a new poster.

So there it is! Click on the picture to see (and, if you wish, download) the image in its full glory. Oh, and feel free to share it with your friends – just tell them the Born Again Pagans will be coming to a venue near them soon.


Our latest show is always in the sidebar. And we wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was dowloadable as well in some mysterious right-click way. Personally, what I like about those recordings is that they show no editing mercy.

Voodoo reggae inna mess-it-up stylee.

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SL is so sweet. Chilled at the neighbour’s campfire today and listened to a show we did a couple of weeks ago. We had to test her audiostream powers, you see. And before that, we we’d been invited to come and jam at another neighbour’s Piano Bar so it wasn’t hard to get in the mood.

So many lovely people all over the place.

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Nice place.

That’s how the Wheel turns, dear friends. We almost finally relocated our SL HQ to a lovely place overseeing the waters between the main island and Prankster South, and it feels good. We’re also sorta busy in InWorldz, got us an island and a stage there. And then there’s the shows we get invited to do: such excellent vibes at those places. Must be because the people there are so delightful.

Over the past couple of years, we seem to have managed to dwindle away from the places one usually winds up when doing music stuff in the Virtual Worlds. Musta been ages since we last been to a shopping mall.

It’s all pretty basic, really. No big thing.

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What if we would record the videostream? There must be a way to stick the audio to a videofile. Then try and slide some SL footage in and voilĂ  mes amis: we’d have a real movie we could give to y’all.

That would be nice.

picca by soror nishi

Saturday, 3pm….. Born Again Pagans playing live at IBM C…. Tree of Trees….

Be there or be elsewhere…

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*Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep*

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